Iota Delta Lambda Chapter History

A Brief History of Iota Delta Lambda

Iota Delta Lambda (IDL) of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was chartered on May 1, 1968. Established during the Fraternity’s period of expansion under General President Walter Washington, IDL was Chicago’s second alumni chapter. As a young chapter, IDL struggled to establish itself in the Chicago community as an innovator in both the communal education and service arenas. After a few years the chapter fell into inactivity.

Since its reactivation in 1980, IDL has maintained and built upon the spirit of innovation that inspired its founding. In 1981, IDL started a youth development initiative addressing adolescent pregnancy prevention from the male perspective called Project Alpha.

Today, Project Alpha is the premier community service program for the entire Fraternity. It is co-sponsored annually with the national March of Dimes Foundation, which raises money to aid in the fight against birth defects in infants around the world.

Chapter Founders

Julian Valentine

Nelson Brown

Eugene Dipallo

Bernie Gresham

Lawrence Holloway

Richard Hooper

Tommy Jackson

Richard Kerr

Malcolm Lee

Chapter Presidents

Roosevelt Watkins | 2017-Present

Keith Wideman | 2015-2017

Jeffrey Perkins | 2013-2015

Theo Whittier II | 2011-2013

Jarred Hugle |2009-2011

Paul Murray | 2007-2009

Jerald Knox | 2004-2007

Keith Wilson | 2001-2004

Markell Bridges | 1998-2001

Walter Leverett | 1996-1998

Marcus Payne | 1993-1996

Waldo Johnson | 1990-1993

Fred Coffey | 1988-1990

Eddie Jones | 1983-1988

Michael Price | 1981-1983

Turan Brown | 1980-1981

Julius Williams | 1977-1978

IDL Chapter Initiates

April 25th, 1981
S.S. "Five the Hard Way"
William Ogletree
Tommy Miller
Don Davis
Alonzo Stokes | Neck Bone
Tom Simmon | Pops (anchor)

September 4th, 1982
S.S. "Ship of Fools"
Fred Coffey | Coffey Break
Carlos Johnson
Paul Thomas
Russell Craig

April 30th, 1983
S.S. "No Name"
Linwood Wallace
Michael Bradshaw

S.S. "Only One"
Rufus Credle

S.S. " "
Ken Golston | Ant

August 30th, 1987
S.S. "Three Masters of the Universe"
Darryl Edwards | Pitbull
Keith Wilson | Reflex
Keith Evans | Michelob

September 22th, 1988
S.S. "The Defiant Ones"
Anthony Charles
Derrick Davis | D-Train (aka Tilt)
William Yancey | Mr. Peabody

September 8th, 1991
S.S. "Genesis"
Winston Langston | PD Boy (Capt.)
Andre Halliburton | Hop-Sing (Duece)
Steve P. Smith | DM-3 (Tre/Quas.)
Terry Thomas | Slow Mo (Anchor)

September 27th, 1992
S.S. "Masters of Deception"
Abdul Muhammad | Malcolm X (capt.)
Phillip Sutton | C-Rock (deuce/quas.)
Edward Gamble | Sgt. Slaughter (aka Arrogance) (anchor)

Septemebr 26th, 1993
S.S. "Seven Sinister Sons Of Sgt. Slaughter"
Terry Overton | Aristotle (capt.)
Marcus Hurt | Emancipator
Antonio (Tony) Edwards | Black Sheep (quas.)
Mark Yates | Rooster
Keith Calloway | KMD [Kool Moe Dee]
Anthony Sartin | 007
Stan Pierre-Louis | Pepe Le Pew (anchor)

May 21th, 1995
S.S. "True Lies"
Jermaine Patterson | Panther (aka No Intake) (capt.)
Brent Gilliam | 2 Hype (aka Cliff Jumper) (deuce)
George Johnson | Divinity Twin I
Greg Hubbard | Silent Rage (quas.)
Taurus Scurlock | Divinity Twin II
Dala Aboui | Def Dog (aka Utopia)
Michael Bryant | Controversy (anchor)

December 30th, 1995
S.S. "Terminal Velocity"
Charles Campbell | Spartacus (aka Frostbite) (capt.)
Stan Smith* | 2 Cold 2 Smooth
Rodney McKnight | Jitters (aka Waterfalls)
Maury Parker | Riddler (aka Joker)
Gerard Jones | Egyptian Red
Anthony Langworthy | Ice Man (aka Tender Booty)
Roger Peden | A.T.L.A.S. (aka Baby Huey) (anchor)

December 14th, 1997
S.S. "Diamonds in the Rough"
Brian Johnson | Road Runner
Timothy Driver | Mega Bite
Clarence Jones, Jr.* | Quiet Storm
Byron Wardlaw | Gizmo
Roderick Smith | Mighty Mouse
Aaron Thomason | Socrates

November 22th, 1998
S.S. "One Night Stand"
Cliff Ramsey | Solomon's Rage
Phillip Hampton | Dr. Spock (aka Boss Hogg)
Tony Howard* | N 2 Deep
Steven Shaw | Josiah

December 11th, 1999
S.S. "Black Gold Eclipse"
Nathan Dixon | Ecclesiates
Babatunde Oloyede | Adeseluka
James Osborne, Jr. | Archangel

May 6th, 2001
S.S. "Defiant"
Aubrey Tucker | Rainman
Lorenzo Russell | Exuviator

June 16th, 2001
S.S. "Stowaways"
Miguel Rodriguez | Osiris
Terry Kirkwood
Nate Riley
Adrian Taylor
Frank Pettaway
Troy Neely | Imhotep
Chuckson Holloway | Imperturbable

July 1th, 2002
S.S. "Jewel of the Nile"
Durrell Brown | Maestro (aka Inquisitive) (capt.)
Bruce Spotts | Scrabble
Sidney Arnold* | Mr. Miyagi
James Golliday* | Quietstorm (capt. Omicron Xi) (anchor IDL)

June 29th, 2003
S.S. "Dynasty"
Jarred Hugle | Horus (aka Achilles) (capt.)
Edward McCarthy | Hephaestus (aka Woody)
Harvey Carey | Malachi (aka The Messenger)
Alfred Allen | Nightcrawler (aka Heavy Load)
Darryl Anderson | Akhenaton (aka Scarecrow)
Edward Primer* | Odysseus (aka Hard Trojan)
Theodore Whittier, II* | Phoenix (aka Beaker)
Isaac Castelez | Ben Grimm (aka Frosted Flakes)

May 29th, 2005
S.S. "Deliverance"
Brian Stanley* | Gemini (aka Underdog)
Thaddeus Wilkins | Son of Solomon

April 16th, 2006
S.S. "Resurrection of the Sphinx"
Christopher Mosby* | Mastermind (aka Oscar the Grouch) (capt.)
JaMarcus Brewer | S.O.S - Siphon of Solace (aka Schlep Rock)
Vincent Davis | Onesimus (aka Pvt. Can't Get It Right)

June 3th, 2007
S.S. "Armaggeddon"
Earl Coleman | Knightwing (aka Armorall)
Jourdan Sorrell | Cr-ICE-is (aka Big Gulp)
Royce Wilis | Thoth
Tony Speed | Hannibal
Lee Whack | Vindicator

May 18th, 2008
S.S. "Cold War I"
Brandin Stephenson | Phenom (capt.)
T.J. Williams | Sacrif-ICE
Felix Anderson | Q.U.I.C.K.S.I.L.V.E.R.
Alejandro Young* | Cyborg
Ernest Williams* | Optimus
Jeff Perkins* | Resolve (aka Accession)
Rob Green* | Silent Assassin (anchor)

April 26th 2009
S.S. "Relentless: Xtreme 8"
Frank Brown* | Amasis (aka Cold front) (capt.)
Andres Hernandez* | Two Face (aka Prodigy)
Terry Holmes | Tundra (aka Hamburgler)
Benaiah Link | Die Hard (aka Blankman)
Keith Wideman* | Phrozen Warrior (aka Butters)
Osei Sarhene | Stonehenge (aka Adebisi)
Carl Williams | Just-ICE
Jonathan Wallace* | Inferno (aka Beast)

Nov 20th, 2010
S.S. "Indignantly Cold Eight"
Larue Fitch* | Imhotep
Watson Jones III | SolstICe
Clayton Pryor | Gyanme
Reggie Brown | Inigma
Pat Taylor | Houdini
James Ramos* | Panthro
Cory Welch | A-Omen
Antoine Jennings | Ingmatic Sankofa

May 22nd, 2012
S.S. "Tenaciously Nomadic Titans"
Danny Mason | RAIDEN
Nicholas Martin | A.T.O.M.
Kataka Page | Law & Order
Jamaron Harris | Phrozen Redeemer
Roosevelt Watkins III | Sophos
Troy Pryor | THOR
Donald Ramsey | Cerebro
Eugene Daniel | Excalibur
Jasper Hagan | P.R.O.D.i.D.Y.
Marlon Manning | Silencer
Omari Holtz | Iceman

May 13th, 2013
S.S. "M.I.R.A.G.E"
Demetrius Anderson | ClassiPHIed
Edward Cotton | Proteus

May 11th, 2014
S.S. "Sabled Sojourners Of the Sphinx"
Darnel Head | Titanium
Jonathan Brown | eXcelsior
Melvin Jones | Gideon
Donte Cleaves | Avalanche
Christopher Williams | Professor X
Timothy King | steadPHAst
Maurice Murrain | Black Mamba
Cortez Watkins | Paradox
Marchello Johnson | The Disciple
Thomas Cotton | resILLient
Bradley Sanders | Colossus

May, 24th, 2015
S.S. "Phrozen Warriors Of The Apacolyse "
Leon Cardwell | Cold L.O.G.I.C.
Elijah Kindred | Oddfellow
Justin Chandler | Nikao
Brandon McCoy | Iceberg
Phillip Bennett | Banshee
Kendall Anderson | Phinal Justice
Dr. Keith McGee | Emissary
Johnathan Simpson | Broken SILLence
Timothy Mays | Ekletos tou theou

March 11th, 2017
S.S. "Silent Apostles from the Indelible Netherrealm of Thunderous Slaughter "
Donte Thrasher | Rorschach
André Bobb | Black Adam***
Joseph Charles | Bane
Nisan Hubbard | Prophessor Darwin
Kenneth Thompson |Black Lightning
Izaiah Wallace | Doctor Phate