IDL Chapter Initiates

April 25th, 1981
S.S. "Five the Hard Way"
William Ogletree
Tommy Miller
Don Davis
Alonzo Stokes | Neck Bone
Tom Simmon | Pops (anchor)

September 4th, 1982
S.S. "Ship of Fools"
Fred Coffey | Coffey Break
Carlos Johnson
Paul Thomas
Russell Craig

April 30th, 1983
S.S. "No Name"
Linwood Wallace
Michael Bradshaw

S.S. "Only One"
Rufus Credle

S.S. " "
Ken Golston | Ant

August 30th, 1987
S.S. "Three Masters of the Universe"
Darryl Edwards | Pitbull
Keith Wilson | Reflex
Keith Evans | Michelob

September 22th, 1988
S.S. "The Defiant Ones"
Anthony Charles
Derrick Davis | D-Train (aka Tilt)
William Yancey | Mr. Peabody

September 8th, 1991
S.S. "Genesis"
Winston Langston | PD Boy (Capt.)
Andre Halliburton | Hop-Sing (Duece)
Steve P. Smith | DM-3 (Tre/Quas.)
Terry Thomas | Slow Mo (Anchor)

September 27th, 1992
S.S. "Masters of Deception"
Abdul Muhammad | Malcolm X (capt.)
Phillip Sutton | C-Rock (deuce/quas.)
Edward Gamble | Sgt. Slaughter (aka Arrogance) (anchor)

Septemebr 26th, 1993
S.S. "Seven Sinister Sons Of Sgt. Slaughter"
Terry Overton | Aristotle (capt.)
Marcus Hurt | Emancipator
Antonio (Tony) Edwards | Black Sheep (quas.)
Mark Yates | Rooster
Keith Calloway | KMD [Kool Moe Dee]
Anthony Sartin | 007
Stan Pierre-Louis | Pepe Le Pew (anchor)

May 21th, 1995
S.S. "True Lies"
Jermaine Patterson | Panther (aka No Intake) (capt.)
Brent Gilliam | 2 Hype (aka Cliff Jumper) (deuce)
George Johnson | Divinity Twin I
Greg Hubbard | Silent Rage (quas.)
Taurus Scurlock | Divinity Twin II
Dala Aboui | Def Dog (aka Utopia)
Michael Bryant | Controversy (anchor)

December 30th, 1995
S.S. "Terminal Velocity"
Charles Campbell | Spartacus (aka Frostbite) (capt.)
Stan Smith* | 2 Cold 2 Smooth
Rodney McKnight | Jitters (aka Waterfalls)
Maury Parker | Riddler (aka Joker)
Gerard Jones | Egyptian Red
Anthony Langworthy | Ice Man (aka Tender Booty)
Roger Peden | A.T.L.A.S. (aka Baby Huey) (anchor)

December 14th, 1997
S.S. "Diamonds in the Rough"
Brian Johnson | Road Runner
Timothy Driver | Mega Bite
Clarence Jones, Jr.* | Quiet Storm
Byron Wardlaw | Gizmo
Roderick Smith | Mighty Mouse
Aaron Thomason | Socrates

November 22th, 1998
S.S. "One Night Stand"
Cliff Ramsey | Solomon's Rage
Phillip Hampton | Dr. Spock (aka Boss Hogg)
Tony Howard* | N 2 Deep
Steven Shaw | Josiah

December 11th, 1999
S.S. "Black Gold Eclipse"
Nathan Dixon | Ecclesiates
Babatunde Oloyede | Adeseluka
James Osborne, Jr. | Archangel

May 6th, 2001
S.S. "Defiant"
Aubrey Tucker | Rainman
Lorenzo Russell | Exuviator

June 16th, 2001
S.S. "Stowaways"
Miguel Rodriguez | Osiris
Terry Kirkwood
Nate Riley
Adrian Taylor
Frank Pettaway
Troy Neely | Imhotep
Chuckson Holloway | Imperturbable

July 1st, 2002
S.S. "Jewel of the Nile"
Durrell Brown | Maestro (aka Inquisitive) (capt.)
Bruce Spotts | Scrabble
Sidney Arnold* | Mr. Miyagi
James Golliday* | Quietstorm (capt. Omicron Xi) (anchor IDL)

June 29th, 2003
S.S. "Dynasty"
Jarred Hugle | Horus (aka Achilles) (capt.)
Edward McCarthy | Hephaestus (aka Woody)
Harvey Carey | Malachi (aka The Messenger)
Alfred Allen | Nightcrawler (aka Heavy Load)
Darryl Anderson | Akhenaton (aka Scarecrow)
Edward Primer* | Odysseus (aka Hard Trojan)
Theodore Whittier, II* | Phoenix (aka Beaker)
Isaac Castelez | Ben Grimm (aka Frosted Flakes)

May 29th, 2005
S.S. "Deliverance"
Brian Stanley* | Gemini (aka Underdog)
Thaddeus Wilkins | Son of Solomon

April 16th, 2006
S.S. "Resurrection of the Sphinx"
Christopher Mosby* | Mastermind (aka Oscar the Grouch) (capt.)
JaMarcus Brewer | S.O.S - Siphon of Solace (aka Schlep Rock)
Vincent Davis | Onesimus (aka Pvt. Can't Get It Right)

June 3th, 2007
S.S. "Armaggeddon"
Earl Coleman | Knightwing (aka Armorall)
Jourdan Sorrell | Cr-ICE-is (aka Big Gulp)
Royce Wilis | Thoth
Tony Speed | Hannibal
Lee Whack | Vindicator

May 18th, 2008
S.S. "Cold War I"
Brandin Stephenson | Phenom (capt.)
T.J. Williams | Sacrif-ICE
Felix Anderson | Q.U.I.C.K.S.I.L.V.E.R.
Alejandro Young* | Cyborg
Ernest Williams* | Optimus
Jeff Perkins* | Resolve (aka Accession)
Rob Green* | Silent Assassin (anchor)

April 26th 2009
S.S. "Relentless: Xtreme 8"
Frank Brown* | Amasis (aka Cold front) (capt.)
Andres Hernandez* | Two Face (aka Prodigy)
Terry Holmes | Tundra (aka Hamburgler)
Benaiah Link | Die Hard (aka Blankman)
Keith Wideman* | Phrozen Warrior (aka Butters)
Osei Sarhene | Stonehenge (aka Adebisi)
Carl Williams | Just-ICE
Jonathan Wallace* | Inferno (aka Beast)

Nov 20th, 2010
S.S. "Indignantly Cold Eight"
Larue Fitch* | Imhotep
Watson Jones III | SolstICe
Clayton Pryor | Gyanme
Reggie Brown | Inigma
Pat Taylor | Houdini
James Ramos* | Panthro
Cory Welch | A-Omen
Antoine Jennings | Ingmatic Sankofa

May 22nd, 2012
S.S. "Tenaciously Nomadic Titans"
Danny Mason | RAIDEN
Nicholas Martin | A.T.O.M.
Kataka Page | Law & Order
Jamaron Harris | Phrozen Redeemer
Roosevelt Watkins III | Sophos
Troy Pryor | THOR
Donald Ramsey | Cerebro
Eugene Daniel | Excalibur
Jasper Hagan | P.R.O.D.i.D.Y.
Marlon Manning | Silencer
Omari Holtz | Iceman

May 13th, 2013
S.S. "M.I.R.A.G.E"
Demetrius Anderson | ClassiPHIed
Edward Cotton | Proteus

May 11th, 2014
S.S. "Sabled Sojourners Of the Sphinx"
Darnel Head | Titanium
Jonathan Brown | eXcelsior
Melvin Jones | Gideon
Donte Cleaves | Avalanche
Christopher Williams | Professor X
Timothy King | steadPHAst
Maurice Murrain | Black Mamba
Cortez Watkins | Paradox
Marchello Johnson | The Disciple
Thomas Cotton | resILLient
Bradley Sanders | Colossus

May, 24th, 2015
S.S. "Phrozen Warriors Of The Apacolyse "
Leon Cardwell | Cold L.O.G.I.C.
Elijah Kindred | Intrepid
Justin Chandler | Nikao
Brandon McCoy | Iceberg
Phillip Bennett | Banshee
Kendall Anderson | Phinal Justice
Dr. Keith McGee | EmICEry
Johnathan Simpson | Broken SILLence
Timothy Mays | Ekletos tou theou

March 11th, 2017
S.S. "Silent Apostles from the Indelible Netherrealm of Thunderous Slaughter "
Donte Thrasher | Rorschach
André Bobb | Black Adam***
Joseph Charles | Bane
Nisan Hubbard | Prophessor Darwin
Kenneth Thompson |Black Lightning
Izaiah Wallace | Doctor Phate

March 16th, 2019
S.S. "Raiden's Enlisted Arctic Progenies Emulating Raucous Success "
Tyrone Wheeler | sILLent PHury
Nicholas Conley | G.O.D.SPEED
Chavez D. Epps| Dr. Strange
Gawaine Nash II| Azrael
Jonathan McGee | B.E.A.S.T.
Taylor Roberts| Deadpool
Joseph Miller|  Phrozen Inquisition
Michael McGee Jr| The Night King
Ezenna Obilor| M'BAKU